Filaments - printing strings

Filaments for 3D printers


Just as an inkjet printer needs a cartridge to print, 3D printers need printing filaments, also known as filaments. These most often differ in the material they are made of. Read on to find out what 3D filaments exist and how to choose between them.

Types of filaments

3D filaments are made from many materials, each with different properties that directly affect what the filament is suitable for. Let's take a look together at the most common types of filament.


PLA filament

PLA filament is made up of polylactic acid and is a popular choice for both beginner and advanced 3D printers. It is an eco-friendly and safe 3D filament used to make medical implants or consumer products such as food packaging or disposable tableware. It can be purchased in both glow-in-the-dark and traditional versions.

PETG filament

PETG filament is a modified and improved variation of PET filament. Due to its flexibility and impact resistance, it is used to produce protective phone covers or mechanical parts. Most PETG filaments are also safe for contact with food

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