Prague Lucifer MarionettePrague Lucifer MarionettePrague Lucifer MarionettePrague Lucifer MarionettePrague Lucifer Marionette
foto: Prague Lucifer Marionettefoto: Prague Lucifer Marionettefoto: Prague Lucifer Marionettefoto: Prague Lucifer Marionettefoto: Prague Lucifer Marionette

Prague Lucifer Marionette


Prague Lucifer is a wooden hand carved marionette. Very realistic and lifelike! For all lovers of Prague, history and myths, this devil will become an essential part of your home in no time.

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Costo di spedizione per USA. Modificare il paese di consegnaCZK 480
Please, note that each marionette is an original piece of art and it may slightly differ from the pictures above. For example the clothes or the hair colour may be different, depending on the availability of the materials.

Spedizione in tutto il mondo dal 2000
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  • Taglia: 65 cm (25.6 inches)
  • Peso: 1.0 kg
  • Materiale: Legno
  • Produzione: Intagliato a mano
  • Mobilità: Amatoriale (medium)
  • Genere Uomo
  • Personaggio: Diavolo
  • funzioni 0

Welcome to the empire of the ruler of all Prague devils. This Lucifer is not any ordinary devil, he’s a legend well known from old historical Prague tales and stories. He’s the devil no one wants to mess with. With all the respect we have for him and his reputation, this marionette is a great piece of artwork with a special personality.His hand painted face done to the smallest detail perfectly reflects the devil’s character. The wood is carved and sharpened into very smooth lines and his rich outfit is carefully hand sewn. If you’re a collector of art, wooden figurines and marionettes with soul, this masterpiece will be more than interesting for you.

*Please, note that each marionette is an original piece of artwork and it may slightly differ from the picture above*

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Stefano Santi 16. 8. 2023bbbbb

Thank you for all your advice and help! Guys at Czech Marionettes are really masters of what they do. I have visited them in their studio and got my Skeleton there. Will buy more professional stuff there.

Articolo acquistato: Bonnie, Performance Marionette
Thomas Fuller 13. 7. 2023bbbbb

I was surprised by how easy and fun it is to operate. The controls and strings are straightforward, making it easy to create various dance movements. For its size, the puppet is very compact and can be comfortably carried in a small backpack. If you're looking for a simple yet entertaining and nice marionette, this marionette is a fantastic choice.

Articolo acquistato: Bonnie, Performance Marionette
Aprille Ross 11. 6. 2023bbbbb

Absolutely beautiful!!

Articolo acquistato: Erunis L'Elfo dai capelli rossi
Sydney Ruggiero 11. 6. 2023bbbbb

9. 6. 2023bbbbb

If you enjoy Marionettes this is the site for you - your time and effort will be used wisely if you love creative puppets I recommend this site owner unconditionally and enthusiastically!

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