Portrait marionette - 60cm (24inch) - basicPortrait marionette - 60cm (24inch) - basicPortrait marionette - 60cm (24inch) - basicPortrait marionette - 60cm (24inch) - basicPortrait marionette - 60cm (24inch) - basicPortrait marionette - 60cm (24inch) - basic

Portrait marionette - 60cm (24inch) - basic

Custom marionette made based on a photo of well known actress Judy Garland who played the role of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz movie. 3D created, printed and handmade in our workshop.

NZD 1 997 più spese di spedizione

Spedizione in tutto il mondo dal 2000
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  • Disponibilità: pre-ordine
  • Peso: 2 kg
  • Materiale: Altro
  • Produzione: Altro
  • Mobilità: Professionale (highest)
  • Autore: Marionettes.cz
  • Genere Ragazza
  • Caratteristiche: Altro
foto: Portrait marionette - 60cm (24inch) - basicfoto: Portrait marionette - 60cm (24inch) - basicfoto: Portrait marionette - 60cm (24inch) - basicfoto: Portrait marionette - 60cm (24inch) - basicfoto: Portrait marionette - 60cm (24inch) - basicfoto: Portrait marionette - 60cm (24inch) - basic
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Judy Garland – Dorthy from The Wizard of Oz movie

Dorothy is a classical character from the 1930’s film The Wizard of Oz. Everybody remembers this cute girl with braided hair wearing a blue dress. Our custom made portrait marionette has all the features as this little gal. She's now the superstar in her owner's collection.

Marionette made based on a person’s photo 

This kind of marionette is an original product that will perfectly express a person’s character, age, and specific look. It is a beautiful memory and a super cool present that always delights the fellow receiving this awesome gift.

You’ll get much fun by playing with the marionette. Especially, if you learn to perform specific movements describing the person’s characteristic behavior.

Production details

To make such a marionette we will need several photos from different angles, a description of clothes, and any other information you consider important to make your puppet as much as resemble as possible. For more details about how to take the proper pictures read here.

The marionette itself is designed and printed by using 3D technology. Afterward, we carefully sharpen and shape each inch of the body, sew the clothes, make hair, paint the face, and tie up the strings to a wooden controller. 

Once you complete your order, you will receive an educational video to learn how to play and control your marionette. All of our custom marionettes are built to reach the professional level of marionette playing. 

Payment options

We require a 50% down payment before we start the production.

Sizes and other variations

  • We offer this product in three sizes –  S - 60cm, M- 80cm, L – 100cm. Also, a movable mouth is optional. 
  • This type of marionette is made to order. The production takes several weeks. It is always worth it to wait for the final masterpiece.




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