DIY KIT- pack 12 pcs for teachersDIY KIT- pack 12 pcs for teachersDIY KIT- pack 12 pcs for teachersDIY KIT- pack 12 pcs for teachers

DIY KIT- pack 12 pcs for teachers

Do you like marionettes? Do not miss the opportunity to run your own workshop: How to assemble puppet and how to operate it. Included on-line video course

EUR 752 più spese di spedizione

Spedizione in tutto il mondo dal 2000
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  • Disponibilità: pre-ordine
  • Taglia: 50 cm
  • Peso: 8 kg
  • Materiale: Legno
  • Produzione: Altro
  • Mobilità: Professionale (highest)
  • Autore:
  • Genere Universale
  • Caratteristiche: Altro
foto: DIY KIT- pack 12 pcs for teachersfoto: DIY KIT- pack 12 pcs for teachersfoto: DIY KIT- pack 12 pcs for teachersfoto: DIY KIT- pack 12 pcs for teachers
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Want to run your own workshop?

Well now you can with our easy to use complete package!
12 pcs pack of our Anymator (ANY) DIY KIT for teachers who organize workshops.

The pack consists of:

  • 12 marionette packs + all necessary parts
  • 12 instruction manuals
  • 12x access to learning videos

It all comes in one big box (no separate boxes for each set). Would you like learn first, how to do it properly? If you are interested in teaching puppeteering, choose one of our courses in Prague or contact us to organise a special one just for you.


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Joshua Alden 17. 6. 2021bbbbb

Great seller, very beautiful marionette, thank you

Articolo acquistato: Cheeky il diavolo
Aria Moretti 15. 6. 2021bbbbb

The puppet is so beautifully created, I love it

Moe Armstrong 14. 6. 2021bbbbb

I put on some Deuter music and have this puppet dance. My friends love it. I love it

Articolo acquistato: Marionetta di Pierrot
Moe Armstrong 14. 6. 2021bbbbb

Wow this is the real cowboy. The cowboy without a horse is what I call him. He is the star of the show. My friends love him. I am from New Mexico. I know cowboys. This marionette is the best for me

Articolo acquistato: Il Cowboy dal selvaggio West
Moe Armstrong 14. 6. 2021bbbbb

This puppet has surpassed my expectations. This Dracula is going to have his own show. My friends fall over laughing and enjoy the shows that I do for them.

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