The Sea Wolf Sailor PuppetThe Sea Wolf Sailor PuppetThe Sea Wolf Sailor PuppetThe Sea Wolf Sailor PuppetThe Sea Wolf Sailor PuppetThe Sea Wolf Sailor Puppet
foto: The Sea Wolf Sailor Puppetfoto: The Sea Wolf Sailor Puppetfoto: The Sea Wolf Sailor Puppetfoto: The Sea Wolf Sailor Puppetfoto: The Sea Wolf Sailor Puppetfoto: The Sea Wolf Sailor Puppet

The Sea Wolf Sailor Puppet


The Sea Wolf Sailor Czech Marionette is a perfect puppet for all of you, who are in love with the ocean, water and sailing..

Costo di spedizione per USA. Modificare il paese di consegnaEUR 21
The production of this marionette can take a week.

Spedizione in tutto il mondo dal 2000
Per trovare le spese di spedizione per la tua destinazione, aggiungi la marionetta in un carrello e seleziona il tuo paese. L'importo verrà calcolato automaticamente.

  • Taglia: 43 cm (16.9 inches)
  • Peso: 1.0 kg
  • Materiale: Resina
  • Produzione: Colato
  • Mobilità: Amatoriale (medium)
  • Genere Vecchio uomo
  • Personaggio: Marinaio
  • funzioni 0

Proud captain marionette

This guy’s been around the world... Well, let's say the ocean. Sea Wolf Czech Marionette Puppet has seen places we have never even dreamed about! He’s experienced, brave, and very wise. Being a captain is not always easy and we have to admit, that our Sailor has handled it excellently. Notice his carefully sewn outfit that consists of a blue-white striped t-shirt, sharp coat with gold buttons, and beige pants. His expression reflects all the cruises, thunderstorms, and ports he left behind. His white well-kept mustache is the icing on the cake. Don’t hesitate and take a closer look at this amazing creation!

More about a puppet...

The puppet is made in a classic style and small series. The skeleton is made of wood, the head and hands are cast from non-hazardous and impact-resistant resin, the legs and shoes are hand-carved and cut, the face is hand-painted. It has a basic range of motion and is easy to use, so even a complete beginner can easily play with it.

Would you like our best sailor marionette?

Just order the See Wolf puppet and he will make you happier in few days :)) And also browse further on and see the other Cartoon puppets. Look at amazing Michael Jackson, Jack Sparrow, Pinocchio, etc... The selection is really huge ;)

If you are looking for a nice and high-quality gift for children, you don't have to. Everyone will love puppet from Cartoon collection - just because cartoon marionettes are very durable, and it is easy to play with it :)

Are you ready to cross the ocean?

In real or only in your fantasy - it doesn’t matter - Sea Wolf marionette is the best ship's crew member which we can imagine. Great decoration for every boat cabin, marine restaurant, or any other place you’d like to fill with marine spirit, ocean breeze, and a touch of the beauty of handmade Czech Marionettes.

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CAERSB 2. 8. 2020bbbbb

Absolutely awesome work and marionette! I am totally in love... He is so unique! Itʼs like he has his own personality!

Articolo acquistato: The Sea Wolf Sailor Puppet
Alice Hardie 26. 11. 2016bbbbb

Articolo acquistato: The Sea Wolf Sailor Puppet

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