When a marionette meets a good cause!

When a marionette meets a good cause!

We believe antique marionettes hold stories of their past in them. There is something truly special in owning a hundred year old marionette or having an only original puppet at home. That is why we decided to release our antique collection. But in order to give something back, this has been done with the intention of supporting the non-profit organisation called PUP (Institute of Czech Puppetry - Puppet Uni Prague, z.ú.).

Some played in old theatres, some were entertaining aristocracts, but all share a deep connection to their historical roots. Antique marionettes are usually made with the highest precision and are a true demonstration of the puppetry craft. Most of them date from the beginning of the 20th century and their birthplace is the Czech Republic. Their value is historical, artistic, and collectible. But that´s not all.

In many cases of antique marionettes, there is only one true original to be had. This not only makes them extremely valuable, but also truly special, knowing, that there will be no other like the one you currently have. We also work with replicas and can replicate any marionette you desire, however, we believe the original simply carries history that is never present in the replica.

And for the good cause you ask? We decided to use this unique opportunity and support the non-profit organisation the PUP, a true institute of puppetry or a puppetry university. Puppetry is a craft that is endangered as many new generations do not lean towards learning puppetry. This is our way to show support and care for the community we are a part of.

Check out all our antique puppets right here. And if you would like for us to restore any of your old marionettes, we can take good care of them if you give us a call here.

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