The ultimate ventriloquist puppet – meet Donnie the skeleton!

The ultimate ventriloquist puppet – meet Donnie the skeleton!

Performance puppets are our specialty but this time, we have the ultimate ventriloquist´s dream in store just for you! And since we like to go the extra mile, this is no regular ventriloquist puppet, this one has some cool updated features you will not find elsewhere. Come and meet Donnie!

If you have been following us for a while, you know skeletons are just our thing. We like to make them fun and cute to spice up the underlying trope of the scary skeleton that you will see every halloween. You might be familiar with our Bonnie the skeleton puppet, which is the cutest little collector´s item, but this time, we are bringing in Donnie the skeleton as a ventriloquist puppet.

What makes Donnie so special? Apart from other ventriolquist puppets, Donnie can also move his eyes up and down and all sides possible. He can close his eyelids which not only gives him a sleepy look but also gives him the ability to wink. To underline that personality expresion, he can also lift his eyebrows, making him look surprised, disappointed or angry in no time. And last but not least, he can fully open his jaw, which is standard but a nice feature to mention still. All mentioned movements and more have automatic centering to make sure your performance is flawless and easy. While staring into his eyes, you might feel a little lost in all the beautiful blue. That is because Donnie´s eyes are handmade from Czech glass, a world´s famous glass which decorates many palaces all over the world. Nothing but a top quality material for your new ventriloquist puppet addition!

Donnie is also a perfect size for any performance. He is 90 cm tall and weights only 2 kilograms, which will be especially handy for longer performances. If you are interested, do not hesitate to place your order as soon as possible. As you know, we work with the finest materials and most of our production is handmade in our shop. That is why we always take some time before we manufacture your puppet. The manufacturing time for Donnie is currently 4 weeks, so do not wait any longer and order Donnie right here!

Interested in more performance puppets? Would you like to place an order with more Donnies or other puppets for your performances? Do not hesitate and check our custom webiste full of unique creations and interesting offers here.

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