Love marionettes? Try our courses!

Love marionettes? Try our courses!

You know we love marionettes and creating new ones for you. But since we are all university-educated puppeteers, a craft that is lately quite endangered, we would love to pass our knowledge on you! Whether you would like to learn how to operate a marionette or how to make one, we have a course for you. And the best part? It starts from 29 CZK or 1 EUR!

As some of you know, we have been for years dreaming of settting up a Puppet University. Centre of knowledge for fans, amateur players as well as professionals. This has been a successful step and since we have seen the demand and interest in this beautiful craft of ours, we are here again with providing courses for you.

So let´s check out what we have for you. We start with a quick video on how to operate your marionettes and how to become a puppeteer. Although we are sure you can find many videos online for free, we believe learning from industry professionals is always the best idea. Especially if you would like to operate older/antique marionettes, it is best to know from us how to handle these, so you do not damage them.
Another one of our popular courses is how to make a hand crafted puppet, all by yourself. This course is seven days long and during it we will teach you everything you need to know about making marionettes. We will guide your hand as you craft your first wooden puppet and provide all the history behind puppetry. With our knowledge, you will also get all the material you need and, of course, bring your marionette home after you finish.
If you feel like taking your partner, friend or parent with you, we have just the thing! Our course about operating and crafting a marionette is also suitable for two people. This course is much quicker, as you will have six intense hours with us. But we will provide all the material and knowledge as with the previous seminar, so do not fear we will not spend appropriate time with you. Don´t forget, it is always more fun with a friend!

Interested in learning how to be a master puppeteer? Just click here and have a look at all our seminars! And if you are interested in our university, you are one click away.

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