Meet our superstars! Our most unique marionettes

Meet our superstars! Our most unique marionettes

We believe every marionette is special, but these superstars have a special place in our hearts! The most unique, most authentic and most precious marionettes in our collection. Learn more about these beauties in our new blog, including how we make them and how you can get one for yourself.

So why are our superstar so special? It is all about the process! These marionettes are made of wood and carved with a specific technique. The special wood used is called linden wood and painted with a technique using multilayered coats of paint. After that is all done, real beeswax is used for the final treatment. Beeswax has unique sealing properties that moisturise the wood and prevents it from cracking or withering away. The combination of wood and veneer give each puppet a beautiful aroma that will last for a very long time after you purchase this marionette. It is then not only the material, but the technique and craftmanship that goes into each superstar. Our creators put special time and effort into these and some of them are a very lenghty project. But the process is worth it at the end as our customers enjoy our superstars as much as we do.

With this in mind, we want all of our customer to have this experience made even more special, therefore, we only make a small amount of each of our superstars. Some of these are also available for pre-order, or you can even purchase the whole collection! As the process takes a long time, we usually suggest giving us a bit of a heads up if you fancy a superstar online that is not in stock just yet. But do not panic if that will not be the case. We still specialise in making custom marionettes for our clients, all they need is a photo. The material might be a bit different but if you enjoy our superstar collection and want to save on time or money, this is a great option for you.

Meet all our superstars here and see for yourself: link.


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