4 staple marionettes you should have in your collection

4 staple marionettes you should have in your collection

Whether you have been a collector for some time or just got your first marionette and are already obsessed, these marionettes need to be in your collection. Although all marionettes are special, these ones absolutely need to be in every enthusiasts household.

The pinocchio

Although not the first, the very first famous marionette is the pinocchio. Who would not be familiar with the cute wooden boy whose nose enlarges every time he lies? Throughout many generations, this marionette has seen many iterations of its form, from theatre to movies to animation such as Shrek. This marionette simply needs to be in your collection!

The Spejbl and Hurvínek complete collection

Now you might not heard about these guys if you just started with marionettes but hear us out. Puppetery is a huge business in the Czech Republic and some of the greatest puppet masters live here and produce their craft. The Spejbl and Hurvinek duo is very famous not only for their humour, but for how many generations found comfort in their performance. They have a long history das the most famous marionettes, having their own dedicated theatre in the Dejvice district of the capital city Prague. If you ever visit the capital and are a marionette lover, this is a must see place!

The skeleton

Spooky scary skeletons? Not with this marionette! We are sure you have seen many skeleton marionettes, especially around halloween time, of course. But did you know that many households all over the world have skeleton marionettes in one of their rooms even when there is no spooky season? There are many versions of this marionette, from the classic to scary, fashionable and so on. But our most favourite and a best seller is our cute baby bonnie skeleton. An adorable addition to your collection!

Your own marionette

Have you ever looked at a photo and wanted to relive that moment again? Now you can! You can bring this photo to us or send it to us via email and we can make a marionette based on a photo. Whether it is your loved ones, your wedding, your dog or you yourself, we can make that happen! As a true collector or someone who is passionate, you should definitely have a custom marionette in your collection!

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