• 9+ joints, simple controller
  • 9+ joints, fully functional controller
  • 9+ joints, fully functional controller, weight balanced puppet

Might is right

With a passion for old westerns, country music and historical bad boys, Martin Růžička has created new characters from the wild west and other adventurous times. There are some real gunslingers and warriors as well as fictional dreamers and dark souls. Some of whom we are sure you will know. You can find plenty of diverse characters and stories among this motley crew. Martin's carving and painting truly reflect the fighter in his marionettes. The attention to detail, a steely gaze, crooked teeth and hollow eyes and all the great accessories like guns axes and pipes express Martin's unique style. We hope his enthusiasm will last and we'll continue to add more of these wonderful creatures from the other side to our collection.

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Always creating such dark skeleton characters, Martin has excelled himself with this new range.  Adding his own dark interpretation and passion for skeletons to the collection.  Each character has its own story. Discover the power of strong expression. These marionettes are carefully hand carved and hand painted with such attention to detail.  Choose one and begin your own fantasy adventure or start a collection and play out some of histories greatest battles and gunfights.  Fighters, bad boys, warriors or heros.  It's your journey, enjoy the ride!


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