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Butch Cassidy (USA)Butch Cassidy (USA)Butch Cassidy (USA)Butch Cassidy (USA)Butch Cassidy (USA)Butch Cassidy (USA)Butch Cassidy (USA)

Butch Cassidy (USA)

Robert LeRoy Parker alias Butch Cassidy was the oldest of 13 siblings, the original cowboy. Famous as part of the duo Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid, this outlaw rampaged through the wild west pursued by bounty hunter Wyatt Erp. A loveable rogue whose charm is reflected in his steely gaze. This cowboy puppet has great details, his cigar and hand painted outfit perfectly reflect an outlaw of this time, his gun the perfect finishing touch. Enjoy re enacting some of the famous shoot outs of the old wild west or simply enjoy him as part of the Might is Right collection.

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  • Size: 60 cm
  • Weight: 2 kg
  • Material: Wood
  • Production: Hand carved
  • Mobility: Semi-professional (high)
  • Author: Martin Ruzicka
  • Gender Man
  • Character: Cowboy
foto: Butch Cassidy (USA)foto: Butch Cassidy (USA)foto: Butch Cassidy (USA)foto: Butch Cassidy (USA)foto: Butch Cassidy (USA)foto: Butch Cassidy (USA)foto: Butch Cassidy (USA)
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This charismatic outlaw is handcarved out of lindenwood and hand painted in Martin's unique style.  His rather raw application of the paint truly depicts the feeling of each of the warrior characters in this might is right collection.  This marionettee can hold his gun and point it while looking at you with his cigar casually in the corner of his mouth, he can adopt most poses for firing his weapon.  A cool shot Butch wears a tradition cowboy hat and neckerchief, a waistcoat and shirt. trousers with detailed belt and buckle and of course cowboy boots.   Get Butch and start reliving your childhood!

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