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Josef Lada Collection - antique marionettesJosef Lada Collection - antique marionettesJosef Lada Collection - antique marionettes

Josef Lada Collection - antique marionettes

These marionettes were designed by Josef Lada between the years 1920-28. Lada was a Czech artist, writer and painter who wrote legendary fairytales known by every Czech boy and girl.

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In the case of the sale of this puppet, we dedicate half of the amount collected to the development of PUP - Puppet University Prague

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  • Availability: Available (1 pcs)
  • Size: 30 cm
  • Material: Wood
  • Production: Hand carved
  • Mobility: Semi-professional (high)
  • Designer: antique
  • Gender Universal
  • Character: Other
foto: Josef Lada Collection - antique marionettesfoto: Josef Lada Collection - antique marionettesfoto: Josef Lada Collection - antique marionettes
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Available (1 pcs)
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Collection of small beautiful antique marionettes

This collection of 8 marionettes designed by Josef Lada contains all the characters you could wish for while playing fairy tales. Made according to his diverse imagination, a princess, a witch, a hunter, all these characters are the only ones of their kind, carved from wood and dressed in beautiful, high-quality fabrics. The scene comes to life as soon as the marionettes start moving.

Josef Lada

Josef Lada (1887 - 1957) was a Czech painter, illustrator, set designer, cartoonist and writer. In addition to many fairy tales and books for children, which he wrote, he mainly illustrated The Good Soldier Svejk : And His Fortunes in the World War and other books by Jaroslav Hašek. His marionettes were made as small series production and mostly used in small amateur and semi-professional theatres. The materials used to make these marionettes are original and of very good quality.


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Antique marionettes in support of PUP

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