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Marionette based on a person’s photo with moveable mouthMarionette based on a person’s photo with moveable mouth

Marionette based on a person’s photo with moveable mouth

This project shows a marionette made based on a photo with moveable mouth.

  • Material: Resin
  • Production: Other
  • Mobility: Professional (highest)
foto: Marionette based on a person’s photo with moveable mouthfoto: Marionette based on a person’s photo with moveable mouth
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How it works?

It is easy. Just tell us few information and expectation :) Follow the process bellow, please:

  1. The best is to take technical pictures of a person as described here https://www.czechmarionettes.com/en/How-to-shoot-technical-photos-realistic-modeling. If you are not able to take them, no worries. Send us as many pictures of the person as possible :-)
  2. Let us know anything you would like to bring out of the person, features or personality wise.
  3. Choose what they should wear
  4. We will send you a 3D model of a head and body for confirmation
  5. Your part is done. After we create, paint, assemble and dress it, your marionette is ready to ship.

And you will have your own original marionette...

In our guild workshop we make marionettes thanks to many different technologies. One of them is 3D printing. And this is the way how we produce marionettes according to your photos. We start with 3D modeling in computers. We can discuss it with you as well and when we are satisfate, we can start with 3D printing. After that is the rest of production same as usual. We must assemble the puppet, finish the surfaces, paint it, do hairs and clothes etc...

Have you considered that you may also wish to own an original puppet? Read the article on the production of puppets on order, or let us know and we can talk about your wish and expectaition. After that we can tell you opportunities and make offer just for you. The production can take several weeks, some time can takes shipping too, so do not hesitate and contact us for information rather soon. We will gladly answer all your questions. 

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