Puss in bootsPuss in bootsPuss in bootsPuss in bootsPuss in boots

Puss in boots

Puss in boots marionette is here to cheer you up and hep you in difficult situations. He’s brave, funny and also handsome!

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Please, note that each marionette is an original piece of art and it may slightly differ from the pictures above. For example the clothes or the hair colour may be different, depending on the availability of the materials.

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  • Availability: Available (3 pcs)
  • Size: 40 cm
  • Weight: 0.6 kg
  • Material: Plaster
  • Production: Casted
  • Mobility: Exposition (low)
  • Gender Animal
  • Character: Cat
foto: Puss in bootsfoto: Puss in bootsfoto: Puss in bootsfoto: Puss in bootsfoto: Puss in boots
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Available (3 pcs)
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This puppet is made according to a famous character from fairy tales from all over the world. He’s made in two colour versions, so let us know which one you prefer.

Puss in boots marionette has a body hand carved from wood and his head and hands cast from a resin. His face is hand painted and his clothes are hand sewn.

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