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Spejbl SmallSpejbl SmallSpejbl SmallSpejbl SmallSpejbl SmallSpejbl SmallSpejbl SmallSpejbl Small

Spejbl Small

Spejbl marionette is a typical Czech puppet. Every kid in Czech Republic knows the famous couple Spejbl and Hurvinek. He’s a very nice man, and we’re sure he’s gonna entertain you just like he entertains the Czech audience.

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Please, note that each marionette is an original piece of art and it may slightly differ from the pictures above. For example the clothes or the hair colour may be different, depending on the availability of the materials.
  • Size: 28 cm
  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Material: Plaster
  • Production: Casted
  • Mobility: Exposition (low)
  • Author: Mašek
  • Gender Man
  • Character: Spejbl & Hurvinek
foto: Spejbl Smallfoto: Spejbl Smallfoto: Spejbl Smallfoto: Spejbl Smallfoto: Spejbl Smallfoto: Spejbl Smallfoto: Spejbl Smallfoto: Spejbl Small
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Spejbl was made by woodcarver Karel Nosek from Pilsen, based on artistic design of Professor Josef Skupa in 1919-1920. The exact date of Spejbl´s first performance on stage is unknown, but it took place in the autumn of 1920 in the Pilsen Puppet Theatre where Spejbl was making appearance as a gymnast on the trapeze. He was a partner to Kasparek, another popular character well known in Pilsen, and together they usually played an encore for children’s audience.

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