Devil - antique marionetteDevil - antique marionetteDevil - antique marionette

Devil - antique marionette

This marionette was made around 1920 by the Czech puppeteer František Šimek. The Devil is one of the most popular characters in Czech puppetry.

The only original

In the case of the sale of this puppet, we dedicate half of the amount collected to the development of PUP - Puppet University Prague

  • Availability: This marionette is the only original, if not in stock, it is already sold.
  • Size: 52 cm (20.5 inches)
  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Material: Wood
  • Production: Hand carved
  • Mobility: Exposition (low)
  • Designer: František Šimek (antique)
  • Gender Man
  • Character: Devil
foto: Devil - antique marionettefoto: Devil - antique marionettefoto: Devil - antique marionette
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This marionette is the only original, if not in stock, it is already sold.
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Antique devil marionette from a fairy tale

This marionette is truly unique. His entire body is carved in detail from linden wood and the only textile adornment he wears is a fur coat, which is meant to represent the hair growing all over his body. A piece of fur also grows out of his tail, which the devil is often depicted with. His originality is enhanced by his movable jaw and large bulging eyes. In short, an original that will delight any puppet enthusiast.

František Šimek

František Šimek (1881-1949) learned the carving craft from his father. He created heads and whole marionettes either alone or with other Czech puppeteers. He also renovated marionettes for other puppeteers. The costumes were made by his wife. In addition to marionettes, he also made daily necessities and furniture and restored wooden sculptures in churches.

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