• Hand-carved mostly made of linden wood
  • Most often made of hardened plaster (traditional technique), resin, or polymer


  • 9+ joints, simple controller
  • 9+ joints, fully functional controller
  • 9+ joints, fully functional controller, weight balanced puppet

The marionette competition is over

The marionette competition is over

We will contact the winner by email in the near future


Dear friends,

The competition questionnaire is over. You voted on what we should do next year as a part of our PUP project (Puppet University Prague)

Your choice was as follows: 

  • 48 % Online and offline courses 
  • 38 % Puppet as a therapeutic tool 
  • 14 % Creating modern principles of puppet theater 

Thank you all very much for your opinion and especially for your inspiring comments. In particular, we appreciate the observations of the professional public, which have significantly enriched us with new impulses and possible direction of our activities. 

In January 2021, we will start compiling the course plan and methodology. 

Although the Online and Offline courses won, your interest in "The Puppet as a Therapeutic Tool" was also huge. Your emotional stories and the knowledge you shared with us reassured us that this topic is quite important as well. 

We will try to find resources to create a methodology for teaching this subject. We believe that hopefully, we will succeed soon. 

Wishing you a beautiful Christmas 

Petr Skácel Puppeteer
PUP - Puppet University Prague



And the winner is...


The Lady - marionette inspired by the Kid movie (Charlie Chaplin)

Chosen project:
Online and Offline Courses

"You do beautiful work!" 

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Help us with your opinion and win a marionette!

We've been preparing to start the Puppet University as an educational platform, not only for amateur puppeteers and people enthusiastic about marionettes, for a very long time. We'd like to work on all the upcoming projects at once, unfortunately, economic and capacity reasons won't let us.


Which project should we start with?


Marionette as a therapeutic tool

More about this project

We're going to collect everything that has been written and tried out in this area. We create an educational methodic to educate therapists, psychotherapists, and also teachers from all over the world. They're all going to be applying this therapy to adults and children's audiences. We're in touch with the major personalities of this phenomenon. Our ambition is to rediscover a puppet as a tool of shamanism on the current level of critical thinking.


Creating modern principals of illusive puppet theatre

More about this project

Like many of you, we're also fans of string marionettes and classic puppet theatres. The Czech Republic is the world power in this branch. Only a hundred years ago, there were more than 3000 theatres around. We would like to bring classical puppet theatre into the 21st century. We will dust off all the well-known scenography technologies from Barocco till nowadays, and we'll add modern technologies as well as amateur robotic features, programming multimedia sequences, 3D print of marionettes, work with sound and light, and also magical tricks. Such a theatre will be a strong platform for story-telling, which has always been shaping our society.


Online and offline workshops

More about this project

We are a group of university-educated puppeteers, and we would love to welcome among us more and another puppeteer capacities from all over the world. Altogether, we're going to fulfill the educational platform for these areas: marionettes and scenery making (anatomical and mechanical principals of the manufacturing), puppetry (classical, modern, film animation and acting), scenography, screenwriting, directing, production, theory, history, and alternative use of puppet. Our goal is to educate amateur and professional puppeteers around the world.



Competition rules: Please fill in all mandatory fields, choose the puppet you want to win, and the topic for the puppet university and confirm the submission of the form. By submitting it, you agree to the terms of the competition, the processing of personal data, and marketing consent. The competition runs until November 20 inclusive. From all participants, we will draw the winner on November 23, 2020. His first name and the answers sent in the questionnaire will be published. We will contact the winner by e-mail and ask him/her for an address so that we can send him the puppet of his choice. Everyone can participate in the competition only once.
Do you like a skeleton, a retro policeman or do you prefer a traditional prankster? You can choose your own win in the November competition. Below you can see the puppets to choose from. All you have to do is fill in the form and help us with your opinion with our unique project - the Puppet University!


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