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Puppets with soul by Eva Hodinkova Hellerova

Puppets with soul by Eva Hodinkova Hellerova

Eva is primarily an artist and puppet maker who creates puppets that evoke various emotions in you, and you might even, like Eva, believe that they are truly alive. They come to life through us. Each marionette is absolutely unique and has a high artistic value. Eva is an amazing artist and she is connected with her work on a deep level. In her work you can find abstract pieces, more traditional marionettes or puppets resembling a person or a character. All are hand-made from wood. Enjoy this wonderful peek into her puppet world.

She studied scenography and puppetry at the DAMU theatre school and has reached the top in the field of collectible art dolls, achieving numerous firsts and becoming a member of the prestigious art doll organization in the USA called NIADA. She is an instructor at puppetry workshops. Currently, she is engaged in the free creation of puppets, but also creates improvisational puppet theater performances. All under the name WALKING WOOD.

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