Pinnochio 3D

Print, assemble
and tell stories with the most
versatile marionette ever.

3D printed Pinocchio by

Yo, yo, Pinocchio

The most famous marionette ever. Enjoy creating this iconic character using your 3D printer with accompanying learning videos. Once assembled, you can learn how to string him and give him life. You will have fun making your own naughty little boy.

Joy to assemble
Fun for everyone

The whole assembling process is well described and easy to follow. Overall, the experience is fascinating. Just think about it. You are breathing life into a machine.

Learn to operate it

It is very easy to start and there are no limits for improvement. Play short stories for friends or shoot a video and share it online.

The character that can play many roles

Change its character with accessories. By simply adding extra parts you can change Pinocchio’s character to a different one.

Hand gestures
Easy to change

Closing eyelids with emoticons. Why not?

“So download and print me and you will see…”

Buy now

Ever built and animated a marionette puppet before?

Well, this is a perfect opportunity to start. Thanks to 3D printing technology combined with our skill videos and support,  you will be able to assemble it easily and learn to operate it. Discover its power – the original way to tell stories and ideas.

Puppetizing the world

The aim of the "Pinocchio 3D project" is to spread the magic of puppetry to every corner of this planet. Created together with Puppet University Prague we are starting a new wave of puppetizing the world.

Special discount for UNIMA members

Are you a member of UNIMA (Union International de la Marionnette) - the association of all puppeteers around the world? Let us know and we will give you a special discount.



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