• Hand-carved mostly made of linden wood
  • 3D printing, paper mache, etc.


  • 9+ joints, simple controller
  • 9+ joints, fully functional controller
  • 9+ joints, fully functional controller, weight balanced puppet


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  • functions-2
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  • functions-8

Marionettes made based on a photo

Would you like to have your own puppet or a portrait marionette of your loved ones?

No problem! We will be happy to make you a puppet made based on the photo ...
In our portfolio, you will find small doubles of famous personalities and puppet enthusiasts. According to specific requirements, we use different technologies and production methods. Some puppets are the work of carvers, others are produced by using 3D technology. It's up to you what will be your choice.

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It is already mentioned above that we have two options to choose from. But which one to choose? It's up to you, someone prefers wood, and someone prefers new technologies. There is no need to write about woodcarving, but puppets made using 3D technology are a big unknown to many people. Find out more on our blog. For simplicity, we will refer to them as 3D puppets.

Both options have their pros and cons. We will be happy to help you with the selection, but the basic parameters are:

Production time

  • 3D puppet: standard several weeks, production can be shortened individually for an additional fee
  • Carved: up to several months depending on the processing time

Processing level

  • 3D puppet: more accurate anatomy, less weight, better mobility
  • Carved: wood is great quality material, the degree of processing depends on the amount of investment


  • 3D puppet: the basic price starts at EUR 1 252 (1 490 $) the price will be affected by the size and, for example, whether the puppet has an opening mouth or moving eyes
  • Carved: a simple stylized puppet costs as little as EUR 668 the price is influenced by the degree of processing and mobility. The average price of a 3D puppet in the quality is about EUR 2 400


  • 3D puppet: more frequent communication and the possibility of sending partial photos
  • Carved: Once the puppet is ready, we'll send you a photo for final approval


Production progress

First, we will discuss the production technology (3D puppet, carved). Then we will arrange a specific specification. That is the level of processing, mobility, controlled elements. We will still need photos of the person from you as much as possible. The better photos we have available, the more faithful the final look will be.

Before production begins, you must order the puppet and pay at least half of the final price.

Basic steps in making a 3D puppet

Beforehand, we model the head and body according to the submitted photos and the agreed specification. Our modelers have great talent and the appearance of the puppet with the pattern is really true :) The following is the printing of the puppet parts on a 3D printer. We then manually process painting and assemble all parts into a puppet. We make hair and hairstyles according to photos.

Once the puppet is assembled, it's time to dress it. We choose textile materials according to what kind of clothing you wanted, with great emphasis on aesthetics. At the same time, we make sure that the puppet costume is sewn so that the puppet does not interfere with movement.

Then we tie the puppet to the rocker, test its mobility, do an exit check, call or write to you and agree on how to hand over the puppet.

And what is a better reference than customers view?

Yoliee G 19. 5. 2021bbbbb

I got a custom-made marionette with them & they are amazing!!! They kept me updated with the order & they personalized every single aspect of the doll to be exactly what I wanted. My daughter loves having a marionette that looks exactly like her & when she grows older ill get to keep her as a memory keepsake. I was a little worried about the cords snapping or breaking but that's not the case. They are sturdy & the whole doll is just made to be, look & feel so professional. I'm definitely planning to order from them again.


If you are not sure that what we offer on this website suits you, do not hesitate to contact us, we believe that together we will find a solution with which we will all be satisfied :)


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