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Antique marionettes

Antique marionettes

Their hidden story is deep within them but you can see and feel it. Antique style pieces represented here give you the opportunity to enjoy these historical characters as they adorn your home. Don't miss your chance you only have one!! All antique puppets in this category are handmade in the traditional way and are in perfect condition. Most of them date from the beginning of the 20th century and their birthplace is the Czech Republic. They are relatively clumsy to play with - high weight, medium mobility and a traditional controller. Their value is historical, artistic and collectible. They are all in their original condition, so you don't have to worry about their authenticity being compromised by any unprofessional intervention.

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The most popular marionettesThe most popular marionettes(57) 7 AUD – 1652 AUDReady madeReady made(226) 7 AUD – 3168 AUDUniversal ANYMATORUniversal ANYMATOR(6) 7 AUD – 1146 AUDPerformance marionettesPerformance marionettes(10) 178 AUD – 1652 AUD

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