Zdeněk Lávička (*1959 in Písek)

  •  *1959 in Písek
    A versatile artist and a Moravian wine expert.
    He devoted himself to oil painting from 1977.
    Then, since 1989, as a self-taught wood carver Mr. Lávička dwells on this craft.
    He creates small size sculptures and marionettes.
    His work has been exhibited in many Czech cities and in the Hamstead Museum - Greater London County.


Random marionettes from this author

string(7) "Grandpa"


Thumnail of photo Grandpa

Size: 40cm

Weight: 2000g

Price: 495 (404 €)

string(5) "Punch"


Thumnail of photo Punch

Size: 40cm

Weight: 2000g

Price: 495 (404 €)

string(13) "Pair of birds"

Pair of birds

Thumnail of photo Pair of birds

Size: 65cm

Weight: 3000g

Price: 445 (363 €)



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Phone: +420 608 265 994

E-mail: ami@marionettes.cz

Skype: amimarionettes

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